Ficus, the indoor plant that everyone wants for its elegance and simple care

Having plants at home helps in many ways : to de-stress, to give a cooler style to the home, to refresh the house and even to repel mosquitoes or, on the other hand, to pollinate and improve the environment. The plants are fabulous and we love them.

However, not all plants will survive in just any home . There are cases that support all types of environments, such as cacti or others that refer to a certain climate such as orchids , but both require specific care to survive longer. On the other hand, plants such as the so-called ficus are ideal for all types of home.

Ficus, the most beautiful plant

This plant is beautiful on its own. Its large green leaves shine in any type of weather and above all, they are very easy to care for. Even with special care, it can flower and bear fruit similar to figs and during spring it usually expands as much as possible.

This is a strangling arboreal plant , which in its juvenile state, develops by climbing trees, hardening its roots while hugging the tree to prevent it from going sideways, keeping them upright. However, in its home version or that does not grow on its own, it is a spacious and beautiful plant that always stands firm and reaches 30 cm in height in natural conditions. Its leaves reach 6 to 13 cm long and its fruit is edible for small animals such as birds.

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The care is super simple

At first, you should put it in very bright places but you have to take care that the sun does not hit it directly as it could cause burns. This only happens if the sun exceeds the highest temperatures , such as in summer, from there on out you can keep it close to the sale without any problem.

The cold dries its leaves a bit , but never so much that it throws them away or turns brown. The ideal is to spray water daily, but not abundantly, but with small touches. In this way, the water keeps them fresh and hydrated.

It is recommended to water abundantly daily without excesses , if you see that it grows more leaves, then, rest assured that you are doing it well. Remember to provide compost every fortnight in hot season, or otherwise, you can cause fungi and pests . In winter you can change the subscription every month.

It usually throws leaves, but do not be scared, it is completely normal; It is even beneficial for her since she alone takes care of getting rid of what does not serve her and renews herself. If you see that it throws many, fill them with compost.